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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the "Compex® Sport" intended for?
The "Compex Sport" is intended for competitive athletes who wish to improve their performance.

Can I train my muscles more thoroughly using Compex than by voluntary training?
Yes. When you stimulate a muscle with a Compex program, there is no limit on the amount of muscular work you can do, because there is no psychological or cardiovascular fatigue. The precision achievable using stimulation means that you can work your muscles in a much more localized and effective way than is possible using traditional voluntary exercise.

Why is Compex training non-traumatic?
With Compex, muscle contractions develop progressively, placing no sudden traction on joints or tendons, so it is not possible to cause muscle or tendon trauma.

How do I integrate the "Compex® Sport" into normal training?
A Training Planner (on CD-ROM) that provides comprehensive operating instructions and training plans for different sporting disciplines accompanies each "Compex Sport".

What computer configuration is needed to run the CD-ROM?
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows NT

Are electrodes supplied with the stimulator unit?
Yes. When purchased, each stimulator includes 1 set of basic electrodes (4 small and 2 large electrodes)

How long is the Compex warranty?
2 years

Can the Compex simply replace voluntary training?
No. It is vital to continue regular training for your specific sports discipline. Compex training acts as a supplement to voluntary training to further enhance overall training performance.

What does Compex contribute to traditional training?
It enables the quantity and quality of training to be increased and helps recovery. You can train better and faster: saving time and improving efficiency and performance.

Can Compex sessions take place during voluntary training sessions?
Compex sessions can take place outside or during voluntary training. If you wish to do both at the same time, you are advised to start with voluntary training.

How do I know which program to use?
The Training CD-ROM that comes with the Compex Sport helps you optimize your workouts and training regimen.

Is the Compex safe to use?
Yes, Compex is the only stimulator cleared by the FDA for sale in the US. Compex Technologies is a leader in medical technology and the use of electrostimulation for medical, rehabilitation, pain control, sports and fitness enhancement purposes. The type of current used in Compex is based on medical technology and cannot cause burns.

Are there any long-term risks associated with stimulation?
No. Muscular electrostimulation and electrotherapy have been in general use for decades and no problems have ever been reported.

Are there any absolute contra-indications?
Yes. The equipment must not be used by people with epilepsy or by patients fitted with a heart pacemaker. Electrostimulation should never be applied to the abdomens of pregnant women or to anyone suffering from a hernia or rupture. In addition, electrodes must never be applied to the head or to the area around the heart.

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