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Emma Snowsill
“Due to the extensive long distance traveling I do, getting to & from competitions, I always have my COMPEX muscle stimulator in my baggage because I find it a huge benefit for enhancing muscle recovery.
During training & post racing, I utilize the 24 min Active Recovery program, which I repeat if needed.
I find this program helps start the recovery process from any hard sessions or racing. Additionally I can follow up recovery with the Contracture program which aids in muscle softening and flexibility.
I also use the Capillarisation program to increase blood flow and oxygen to my working muscles. This is done largely before training, but is also great to use on the plane when traveling plus between races and events.
Overall I have found my COMPEX stimulator an awesome training complement to the physical work I do year round.”

Emma Snowsill, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Triple World Champion Triathlete, & Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist"

Jono Brauer
"as a professional athlete the need to keep on top of training is imperitive especially when dealing with injury. The only way that I maintained my strength post op was to use the compex strength programs. I found phenomenal gains without lifting heavy weights and i now use my compex whilst lifting weights to get the absolute most out of my work out."

Katherine Bates - Australian Cyclist - World Champion - Points Race
National and Commonwealth Champion

I've been a professional cyclist for 7 years and have tried a myriad of different training and recovery methods to get that little something extra into my performance. The Compex unit has brought back efficiency and simplicity into my training and recovery strategies.

As an endurance cyclist, my time in the gym is limited, as road kilometres become the priority. My Compex allows me to recover aerobically while specifically working on the strength and power capabilities of my quads, hamstrings and calves, replicating what I would do in the gym.

Having said this, with so much hard work, I believe that recovery plays a big role in maximising gains from immense training and racing loads. The Compex is my hand held massage therapist, which allows me to target the areas that need the most work. Whether sitting in a team car, on a plane, or lying in bed at the race hotel, I can give my muscles the attention they need.

As well as aiding recovery from training, I find the Compex unit helps me bounce back exceptionally well from long flights and travel. I have found that I arrive at the other end feeling more spritely, with substantially fresher legs. This then allows me to jump straight onto the bike and feel a million bucks!

charlotte paul

Charlotte Paul: Professional Ironman Triathlete
Winner Ironman WA 2008

I am a relatively new user of Compex, and am very excited about its multitude of applications. I have only just scratched the surface of the different uses of this versatile little tool.
My first use was to prevent getting swollen lower legs when flying long haul on the way to a race. By using the endorphinic program on the flight, and the capillarisation on stop overs, thus maximizing blood flow to my legs, once I arrived it produced fantastic results. My legs felt great and ready to train and race straight away!!!
Unfortunately now I am discovering the benefits of using the Compex for injury rehabilitation and minimising my time out of training. I find that we need to use as many complementary techniques as possible, and the more tools you have the speedier your recovery.
A bonus of Compex is it's very time efficient since I can use it sitting at my desk, basically in my downtime.

Donny Singe
Head of Strength and Conditioning

“The Sea Eagles have utilized Compex Muscle Stimulation for the past 2 seasons, 07 and 08. We have extensively used the Compex units for recovery between games and training, and found them to be highly effective for getting our players to back up, from game to game training session to training session.
It is no coincidence our players are reputedly amongst the most resilient in the game!

Our use also extends to different levels of player rehab and cross training.

Overall we know the Compex unit and systems are of such a measurable benefit to our players that we will continue to buy and utilize these units. Currently the Manly Sea Eagles have at our disposal 15 units that are used almost daily.
Most importantly the support from Compex staff is exemplary.”

John Hovius Triathlete

I am fully addicted to the drugs that my body releases during intense triathlon racing, so to get my fix I race as many races in Australia that I can, then I head to the USA to race some more when it gets too cold in Australia. I end up racing about fifty times per year, sometimes three races in a weekend.

I’ve been doing this intense racing for a few years now, but this year has been so much easier with more consistent great results. The only change I have done in the past twelve months is my purchase of a COMPEX Mi-SPORT electro muscle stimulation machine. I had raced a few races where they had offered the use of COMPEX machines for recovery and I found I recovered quicker.

I bought my self the Mi-Sport just for the Recovery programme, but soon found so much use and now use the machine on average once a day. I still love the Active Recovery and Regeneration programs, which I use after each race-most times during the trip back. I now love the Sports and Cross Training where I have found the same effects as a two hour ride, but due to my constant travelling I can do these now sitting in a car or plane. I was late travelling to a Duathlon and was late, knowing that the race would start within twenty minutes of me hoping out of the car, I ran the Potentiation Warm-Up programme and had a fast great race.

I use the Massage programmes, Anti-Stress, Relaxing or Reviving, depending on how I feel-my family also love these, if they can get the machine off me. I was developing a calf problem but after a little reading and using the Pain Relief-capillarization programme, I was ready to race within days. At first I used the Pen during Test Points to find my optimal Electrode positioning, but now it has become second nature where I need to stick them.

The battery life amazes me every time, it lasts so long and with only a charge time of forty minutes. I have found I don’t use the Mi-Sensor so much on my self, but other people using my machine love it. I have had no problems or breakdowns with the machine, I’ve had a five Easy-Snaps break off on the small single electrodes, which has been my only problem, which is very minor.

My racing has differently improved due to my Mi-Sport, I strongly recommend using a muscle stimulation machine to everyone and I exceedingly recommend COMPEX.

Jason Madz: Physiotherapist

I first discovered Compex being used by physiotherapy practices and elite level sports people while living in France 8 years ago. Being so disillusioned with electro physical agents from past experience, I was skeptical about gimmicky new gadgets I hadn’t seen before. Compex, however, not only changed my mind, but blew me away. For such a portable and easy to use device, I not only experienced the wow factor but achieved amazing, rapid results, with terrific patient compliance. In fact, my patients have enjoyed the significant benefits they received so much, I have often been asked “where can I get these?”. Only now beginning to catch the awareness of Elite Australian sports people like George Gregan, and Stephen Larkham, I have no hesitation in recommending physios invest in this essential technology today.

Justine Henin-Hardenne
"Compex Sport enables me to train longer and with greater intensity. It is remarkable. I would not have thought that this small device was so powerful!"

billy celeski


“I first used the Compex with the Olyroos, both too and from games and training sessions. The entire squad used it to aid our recovery along with other common recovery protocols and I have found the Compex to be very helpful particularly pre game. I would use the active recovery program 2-3 hours prior to our games and I would feel like a bee buzzing around a garden. I can also with great confidence say that using the Compex has helped me recover ever so quickly from constant knocks that would normally take me a week to get over. The Compex has helped me take my performance to another level and I appreciate the team at Compex Australia providing me with a unit to help assist my weekly training regimes.”

Hermann Maier
"I never thought I would win again so quickly. It's probably my greatest victory. Compex has always been an important part of my training routine; but since the accident, Compex became a critical element in getting me back on track to compete at a world-class level. The Compex programs helped me to regain my lost muscle strength during the enforced training break. After which I got back to using my favorite workout programs on my Compex Sport."

planet altitude snowboard protection

Chris Barrett - Head Product Designer - Planet Altitude
"OK I'm no stranger to injury - broken back in 3 places (motocross), 3 broken wrists (snowboarding, skateboarding), fractured sturnum (motocross), wasted shoulder joints (surfing) - should I go on? :-) Its why our obsession at Planet Altitude became to design protective products for sports that push your body beyond its limits. Its also why we have a lot in comon with companies such as Compex. I find the Compex great for not only keeping me in shape to avoid injury in the first place but also as an invaluable tool post injury. The Compex is second to none for pain management and keeping me in shape so I can get back out there quicker."

Stuart Lee - Rugby, Basketball, Athletics Coach
My name is Stuart Lee. I have a degree in Human Movement and a Diploma in PDH/PE. As well as teaching I coach rugby union, basketball and athletics for the school. My weekly training regime consists of two mountain bike rides, three weights sessions and on Thursday nights I run up to 3500 stairs with some other mad friends. That was up until an injury that stopped me in my tracks.

After having an ACL knee reconstruction in May of 2005 there was a great deal of Atrophy to the quadriceps muscle group. My physiotherapist claimed that I had “a slow healing knee”, and I agreed with her. The rate at which flexion and extension was resuming to normal was very slow as was the rate of improvement to the muscles in my quads.

Tom Dilba, who I met at university and is the Australian distributor of Compex, offered to lend me a Compex unit outlining the gains that I could expect, so I took up his offer.

I placed the gel pads on both legs to have some comparison. Well to say I was horrified with what I saw would be an understatement. My “good leg” had a great neural and therefore muscular response as the current kicked in but my injured leg had almost no response at the same levels. This only proved what I already new, my quads in my injured leg were in very poor shape. From the first day of using the Compex unit I not only saw visible gains but I could feel greater stability around the injured knee and a substantial increase in strength in my quadriceps.

Firstly I would set the Compex unit to Hypertrophy mode, then to Strength mode and would finish the session with the Recovery mode. Over the next few weeks I was doing up to six sessions a day. Because I was getting such great results it fed my enthusiasm to do more and more sessions. There was an obvious increase in the size of my quadriceps plus the strength gains allowed me to get back into some sort of normal sporting activity. I honestly believe that if I did not use the Compex Unit I would not have been able to get back to doing anything like cycling or running stairs as quickly as I did.  
planet altitude snowboard protection

Michael Byrne - 6 x World Championship Medallist - Inline Speed Skating
"Compex has been a revelation for me.  After years of competing on the international circuit and pushing myself as hard as possible, 'training smarter' has been my aim over the past season – to be more effective, efficient, productive and to remain injury-free.  Shortly after integrating Compex sessions into my training plan I saw immediate benefits in improved recovery, muscle condition, strength gains and power output.  Compex is focused, specific and completely customisable to the individual athlete and their goals.  Definitely a part of training smarter."

Aaron Richardson - 14 x Ironman Finisher and Australian Triathlon and Duathlon Team Member
I have just completed my 5th season of summer training camp at Jindabyne, cycling between 160 and 200 kilometres everyday. This year I was given the opportunity to use the Compex Product extensively throughout the week. I was quite simply astounded with its effects and I can tell you that the Compex Machines, Active Recovery Program, is absolutely brilliant. The Compex Product allowed me to jump on the bike feeling fresh every day. I could feel the improvements in recovery and therefore performance enhancement. The Compex Product itself is robust, compact and the battery never seems to run flat. I was able to use the product safely on other athletes which our masseurs loved too, as it meant that those that used the Compex did not need to get such a long massage or one at all. With so many different products out their claiming to improve performance and recovery none have shown me such great results. I recommend the Compex Productís to anyone who wants to get the most out of their sport or perhaps those needing to get extra recovery.

Heath Betts
I have been using the Compex Energy for the past 6 months now. I specifically use this unit for triathlon training, and for the major benefits of recovery. My partner also uses it for toning programs, and it's hard to get it off her to use for me. The benefits I have seen are amazing. I use the strength and endurance programs and my cycling and running feel another level. I have bought all the gear and equipment that you need for triathlons, but this is the best investment I have ever made. Instead of buying those new racing wheels or new bike, spend your money on something that makes you faster. I wish I had one of these when I was 15. I would of killed it. But I will make up for lost time now!!!

Alex Moore - Physical Trainer - Australian Alpine Ski Team
"Many of the team use Compex units and they play an integral role in recovery on the road as well as optimising strength and power gains in the gym. We have also had great success using the units with injured athletes and have experienced accelerated recovery times from these injuries."

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